Highlight recovery

Repair overexposure

Digital cameras are notoriously unforgiving of overexposure. Fortunately, Photo Ninja includes world-class technology for repairing many cases of overexposure in RAW images. While the effectiveness depends on the particular subject matter and the degree of overexposure, Photo Ninja can often produce a very convincing reconstruction of the missing data. Moreover, it is fully automatic and works seamlessly with the exposure and tone controls.

Example 1

Note the effective recovery of both detail and color in the shirt, on the tree bark, and on the boy's arm.

Example 2

Photo courtesy of Mark van Dam

In this example, highlight recovery and illumination controls have worked together to achieve a good balance between the overexposed background and the underexposed foreground.

Example 3

Photo courtesy of David Williams

In this example, highlight recovery and compression reveal significant detail in the feathers.

Example 4

An example of highlight recovery for burned-out skin tones.

Example 5

Another example of overexposed skin tones.

Example 6

Recovery of detail and color after substantial overexposure in background regions.

Example 7

Note the texture and color recovered in the faces of the sculpture and in the building.

Example 8

Photo courtesy of David Williams

This scene was exposed for the elephants. Since they were in shade, it caused the sunny foreground and background areas to clip. Notice the background detail recovered near the elephant's backside.

Example 9

This metallic surface had very bright reflections, yet Photo Ninja has nicely recovered and compressed them.

Example 10

An example showing recovery of a bright light source.