Noise Ninja legacy download links

We stopped development on Noise Ninja a few years ago and we no longer maintain it. The downloads here are only provided as a courtesy. You should not depend on these pages being maintained indefinitely; you are responsible for maintaining your own backups of the software.

Our raw converter, Photo Ninja, includes significantly improved noise reduction for RAW files. So, if you shoot RAW, we strongly encourage you to give Photo Ninja a try. (And if you don't shoot RAW, we strongly encourage you to reconsider.) Noise Ninja customers can upgrade to Photo Ninja for a discounted price. See the purchase page for details.

NOTE: We cannot ensure that any of the Noise Ninja products will continue to function on recent operating systems or with recent versions of Photoshop. When operating systems and applications are updated, it can break compatibility with older software. This is especially true for Apple's operating system, OS X.

Noise Ninja for Photoshop

This version runs as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Elements. Make sure you download the correct variant for your system:

For Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7):

For Intel Mac (all current Macs, and all OS X versions):

For legacy PowerPC Macs (or Rosetta under Intel Macs) (all OS X versions):

Noise Ninja for Aperture 2.1 and 3

Runs as a plug-in for Apple's Aperture.

Noise Ninja Standalone

This version runs as a standalone application. Make sure you choose the correct variant for your system:

Support resources

The Noise Ninja FAQ is here.

Noise Ninja video tutorials are here.

Camera profiles are here.