Supported cameras for RAW editing

Photo Ninja supports most popular digital cameras with RAW formats based on a conventional Bayer RGB or Fujifilm X-Trans color filter arrays. Some exceptions are noted below. If in doubt, try it and see if it works. Also, if a camera isn't directly supported, you might still be able to convert the RAW images to DNG and process those with Photo Ninja.

Supported cameras (partial list)

The following cameras are believed to be supported in Photo Ninja, though not all have been verified. Even if your camera is not on this list, it might still be supported; try it and see. If your camera does not appear to be supported, send us a sample raw file.

DNG support

Most DNG RAW files based on the conventional Bayer sensor layout are supported. Non-RAW DNG files (which have already been demosaiced) are not currently supported. If Photo Ninja is unable to process the native RAW file for a Bayer camera, try converting it to DNG; Photo Ninja will probably be able to process the DNG. You can use Adobe's free DNG converter to convert a wide range of RAW formats to DNG.

Unsupported or partially supported cameras

If Photo Ninja can open a RAW file but the editor shows "No Profile" for the camera profile, then it does not have a color matrix for the camera and the colors will look wrong. In this case, if you can send us a flash or daylight exposure of a standard Color Checker (classic, Passport, or SG) chart, we should be able to create a basic color matrix for the camera. Or you can can create one yourself using the profiling tools in Photo Ninja.