Customer support

What to do if you have questions or problems

Step-by-step tutorials with screenshots are available here. Please take advantage of these. The tutorials can also be accessed by choosing "View online tutorials" from the "Help" menu of Photo Ninja.

Additional documentation is available from the Help menu of Photo Ninja. Also, "Help" or "?" buttons are available in a number of dialogs and filter panels.

Frequently asked questions:   Click here for the FAQ.

Supported cameras:   Click here for information about supported cameras.

Email support:   Customer support is available by email at (Please try to make use of the resources above before contacting us by email.)


Noise Ninja support

The Noise Ninja FAQ is here.

Noise Ninja video tutorials are here.

Noise Ninja profiles are here.

Noise Ninja downloads are still available here.

Customer support is still available for Noise Ninja via the email address listed above.